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Don't ever think it's a good idea to establish a LGBT subdivision of a police force - or any minority, race or religion-based subdivision.

Due to the severity of this case, I decided to make this a Journal. I will delete the Status Post after posting the Journal.

Another terrorist attack in France, during Bastille Day celebrations. A truck driver decided to ram against a crowd of people who were celebrating this event. Then, gunshots have been fired.………

Following is NSFW (Graphic):…

From what I gathered, so far, the death toll is around 50. Around 100 injured.

Here is one of the pictures taken after this attack. It can be NSFL. There's no gore, but the meaning is really, REALLY deep, and it can be extremely shocking or infuriating for many of us.

More updates may be added.

UPDATE 1: As of right now, confirmed death toll is 73. 
UPDATE 2: According to Sky News, guns and grenades were found in the truck.
UPDATE 3: Around 50 people in critical condition, as per:…
UPDATE 4: Confirmed death toll has risen to 84. 18 people are in critical condition.
UPDATE 5: State of emergency has been extended for three more months, in France.
UPDATE 6: Reports indicate that 10 children are among the dead.
UPDATE 7: 51 year-old American Sean Copeland from Austin, Texas and his 11 year-old son Brodie were killed in the Nice attack.
UPDATE 8: Unconfirmed reports from local newspaper Nice Matin that 54 children have been admitted to the Lenval Hospital since Thursday's attack.
UPDATE 9: French President Hollande declares July 16, 17, and 18 national days of mourning. All flags will be flown at half mast.

Statement: I would like to express my deepest condolences to the families and friends of these victims, and the entire country and population of France. It is a shame that religion can lead people into this sort of madness.
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Vaypyrion Xenohamut
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"I'm just a random Internet user, that is all."

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my DeviantArt page. Name's Vaypyrion Xenohamut. But you can call me by the following: Vaypyr, Vay, V, VX, TCL (The Cosmic Legend), Cosmic Spyro, or Cosmic. I've been on the Internet for almost a decade, now, and yeah, it's been one hell of an adventure. But it's not over yet.

I'm a fan of many things. When it comes to Anime, I love One Piece, Sword Art Online, Attack On Titan, One Punch Man, Hunter X Hunter, Hellsing (and its OVA, Hellsing Ultimate), the Dragonball series, and so on.

When it comes to games, I like a wide variety of games. MMORPG, FPS, Racing, Simulation, Action, Platformer, Adventure...

I love talking about politics, but only talk about them with friends, because you can't really trust an Internet stranger to have at least some coherence and maturity in the discussions, so I tend to hide that from the public. But whatever.

I am a furry (more precisely, a scaly/scalie) who loves making random stuff, from psychedelic artwork, to just weird-ass animations that just pop up in my crazy mind. However, unlike a good portion of the community, I don't cater to those who feel the need to teach the world a few things about Social Justice. One thing people need to learn is that progress isn't made with rush. Things will evolve within time. But the crazy Social Justice Warriors are trying to speed up "progress", and are causing social destabilization, rather. And furries do have a good portion of these neo-regressive individuals.

I am pro-Gamergate, and of course, anti-SJW. I am not actively targeting anyone, but I strongly oppose the moves made by the radical feminists and the liars who call themselves Journalists that spread misinformation and untruthful statements regarding gaming. What pissed me off is that videogames, sexuality, and even the lifestyle of your average human, has been heavily politicized by these people. Pro-GG have been, since then, seen as objects, monsters, etc.

Here's the thing, though. I do wish to be friendly. I don't think that apathy will solve anything. But hey. Do you really want to know why people are becoming apathetic? Here's the answer: Because people are getting offended over small things, and that's affecting other people's lives.

Political Correctness is far worse than a nuclear weapon. Don't forget that.

Also, if you get to know me, I'll do my best to be as friendly as possible. So yeah! Feel free to chat! :D

I love playing videogames. Those who I play the most are:

Final Fantasy
The Elder Scrolls
Spyro/The Legend Of Spyro
Crash Bandicoot
Jak & Daxter
Ratchet & Clank
Kingdom Hearts

I also listen to a lot of music. But I am more into Gothic Metal, Celtic Metal, Viking Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Folk Metal, and many other songs that are more medieval-themed.

Dream Theater
Amon Amarth
Holy Blood
In Extremo
...and many others

I am a big fan of:

Bahamut, from Final Fantasy series
Spyro, Cynder, Ignitus and Malefor
Draco, from Dragonheart
Saphira, from Eragon (I know the movie sucked. But I read the books, and well... I love them.)
Paarthurnax and Alduin, from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

That's it, for now. If you want to know more about me, add me:

Trillian: thecosmiclegend
Discord: Ask me if you wish to join my server and channels.
Skype: xtclxstar4everxxcosmicspyrox/Vaypyrion Xenohamut
Steam: thecosmiclegend
Evolve: thecosmiclegend

________,88P_____________ Dragons
_______d888*_____________Unite !
____,888888888888888888b. Put this
___,8*_;88888P*****7888888 on your page
__,8;,_8888*________`88888 if you support
__)8e888*__________,88888 the Dragons.
_,d888`___________,888888 Dragon fans
,d88P`___________,8888888 vs
888*____________,88888888 the Dragon
_`P___________,8888888888 haters war!
______________88888888888 I'm on
______________88*._*88888 the
______________`888b.`8888 Dragons
_______________**88b.`*88 side!
_________________88888b.` For Ever!
__________________)888888 For the
_________________,88888*_ Dragons!


The majestic creatures that many of us dream of.

Dragon fan, forever.

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